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DIY Tax Preparation Is MORE EXPENSIVE!

Let’s do the math . . . .

The software versions that maximize your deductions are $49.  This does NOT inclued your stat filing which is around $29 as an add on. The IRS says the average taxpayer will spend 13 hours completing thier return.  Multiply that times the average AZ wage, you are looking at $322!  [$49 + $29 + 322 = $400!]


Your Taxes, Simplified

The IRS tax code has over 75,000 pages!   It's also contantly changing!  We keep you informed of the changes that impact your income, investments and retirement!


Your Business is Ours

We developed strategies for both business and individual clients. And we work hard and long hours when they need us—even after tax season. So let us tackle your most pressing financial issues.